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Punishments for those Who Don’t Fast in Ramadan Despite being Healthy
Sawm (Fasting) is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is one of the crucial acts of Ibadah and are highly obligatory in nature. Since Ramadan is a sacred month and fasting is observed in this month, it also brings punishments along with blessings.
Tips for a better husband and wife relationship
Although many Muslims may right now be in failing marriages and on a fast track to divorce and its terrible consequences, there are many ways to put their marriage back on the right track if the husband and wife are sincere in their desire to reconcile. The following principles can be used by Muslims whose marriages are already in trouble or by Muslims who would like to avoid trouble in their marriage.
How to Have a Heart Connected to Allah [swt]
How to Have a Heart Connected to Allah [swt]
The Messenger (saw) said: “There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body is sound and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece is the heart.” [Sahih Muslim]